Tuesday, April 27, 2010

can you handle it

"How about Elliot and I come to work for you?" Billy got up the nerve to ask Max. He'd walked all the way to his dairy. After all, the concert had been good for Max's business. Everyone wanted his chocolate milk now.

"I dunno, sun." Max sounded high. Billy thought so. Naturally, Billy was just in his jeans and flip flops. He hadn't exactly dressed for an interview. "How are you at handling cow shit?"

"I think I could handle it." Billy told him.

Max just nodded.

"Elliot wouldn't have to do it, would he?" Billy didn't want Elliot getting his hands dirty. "Could he do something else for you?"

"Well, I do need a good accountant." Max nodded as he handed Billy a chocolate milk for his troubles.

"Really?" Billy smiled it was the best news he'd heard in forever. Especially, since the concert. He drank the milk like a celebration of some kind. "Oh, we'll need a place to shack up."

"Well, there's that shack behind the barn. Doesn't have any power." Max shrugged.

"That's OK. That'll be just fine." Billy couldn't wait to get back to Elliot to tell  him the news. Billy was right where he wanted to be. The good life at Woodstock.


Michael was back.

"What?" Elliot was in shock. Michael was suppose to be getting ready for the next big thing. Now wasn't he. "What are you doing here?" Elliot was trying to make peace with his parents. He was about to tell him that he was leaving. He thought he had Billy talked into it. Just a trial run. They could go to New York City for the weekend. See how that went. He couldn't possibly lose him to the city. Now could he.

"I dunno." Michael was all smiles. He wanted to get them alone. "I wanted to see if everything was OK. You know, if we'd left a man made disaster of some kind." He kept staring at Elliot who assured him everything was fine.

"Its fine." They took a walk.

"Are you sure?" It was as if Michael wanted to put doubts in his mind somehow.

And then it happened. Michael kissed Elliot. Not so far from Max's dairy.

Elliot was in shock.

"I thought we talked about this." Elliot looked at Michael who was his usual go getter self.

"I can't get you out of my mind." Michael winced.

"You know how I feel about Billy. You know." Elliot frowned.

"Not really. He doesn't have to know." Michael put his arm around him.

"I'm not like you. I just can pick up and go and find anyone to fuck." Elliot shook his head, no.

"I'm not like that." Michael looked hurt that Elliot would even think such a thing. "I can change. Just for you."

"You won't. I can't leave Billy." Elliot thought they'd been through this before.

"But what if I can offer you 50 thousand dollars to come work for me." Michael gave him a dead stare. He came closer then as his hands slid under Elliot's shirt and Elliot felt his hard abs against his. It gave him a shiver. Elliot always did love money.